The content of the course Promote your own well-being

  • Positive mental health and psychology
  • Happiness and resilience 
  • Hope
  • Mindfulness and Yoga as a tool to promote one's well-being as well as Forest bathing

After this course you are able to

  •  understand the definition of positive mental health, well-being, resilience and hope
  •   learn different types of methods to promote the well-being as a part of your own life and among others
  •   identify sources to support your own well-being
  •   know how to support your own well-being


 In order to pass the course you have to:  write your reflection diary, open one discussion and participate in two discussions opened by your fellow students in the discussion areas and at the end past the test of the whole course (60% right answers = accepted).


Contact information:

 Riitta Kuismin,  riitta.kuismin@xamk.fitel. +358405211821

Paula Karppinen, paula.karppinen@esedu.fitel. +358447115738

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