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Login instructions:
Open Learn environment requires login with Haka Login or self-registered user account. You can register as a user to Open Learn with your email address. Some of the courses will require an enrollment key (password) before you can see the course material. The enrollment key can be e.g. given by the course teacher or it can be sealed within the Xamk Pulse (Open University of Applied Sciences) information email.

User accounts that have been unused more than 12 months will be deleted automatically.

How to create a user account:
1. Fill in the ´Sign up´ form with required information.
2. You will have a registration confirmation message to your email shortly after. Please check the junk mail if you don’t receive it.
3. Confirmation email contains a link which you’ll have to follow to verify your user account creation.
4. After successful verification, you are log into 'Open Learn' and you can start searching and enroll yourself to courses.
5. If the course enrollment requires an enrollment key, please type it to the corresponding field and press ‘Enroll now’ button.
6. When you have enrolled successfully to the course as a student, link to the course is added to Dashboard view automatically. The next login to ‘Open Learn’ you’ll find the link to the course directly from Dashboard.